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3 Summer Pet Care Tips June 3, 2019

McKinney, Collin
3 Summer Pet Care Tips, McKinney, Texas

Summer offers a chance for you and your dog to get out and enjoy some time in the sun. While it might be tempting to take your dog everywhere with you, it’s essential to keep their well-being in mind. As the days grow warmer, these pet care tips can help you keep your dog safe and comfortable.

How to Care for Dogs in Summer 

1. Don’t Ignore the Heat

Hot temperatures can impact dogs the same way they do people, and some breeds can be affected more than others. For example, pugs and dogs with short snouts have more difficulty panting in the heat, making them more susceptible to heat stroke. Limit your dog’s time outdoors to an hour at a time on days when temperatures rise above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Give them access to clean drinking water and shade as well. Most crucial of all, refrain from leaving your dog in the car when you’re running errands. 

2. Make Sure They’re Treated For Pests

pet careOne pet care task that applies primarily to summer months is administering flea and tick medicine. Dogs go outside every day, which makes them targets for parasitic pests that thrive in warm weather. Consult a veterinarian to make sure you’re applying the most effective medicine. You can inadvertently harm your dog by giving them a low-quality medication or the wrong dosage. 

3. Make Dog Boarding Arrangements Early

If you’re traveling this summer, make sure to schedule dog boarding arrangements in advance. Because many people travel or move during the summer, dog hotels and pet care facilities can become quickly booked, especially around holidays such as the Fourth of July. Making arrangements early also gives you time to tour the facility, speak to staff, and make sure it’s the right fit for your canine companion.


Dogs will find a fun and comfortable place to spend their summer vacations at Bark!… “the boutique hotel for dogs” in McKinney, TX. This family-owned dog hotel offers top-notch pet care facilities that include 24,000-square-feet of outdoor space, a spa, and bedding areas. If you live in the Dallas area and have travel plans this summer, let their caring staff manage your dog while you’re away. Call (972) 542-8377 or visit them online to schedule an appointment today.

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