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5 Tips to Control Your Asthma This Spring June 4, 2019

Cincinnati, Hamilton
5 Tips to Control Your Asthma This Spring, Cincinnati, Ohio

When you're living with asthma, spring can be a daunting time of year. Pollen in the air and other triggers can lead to more frequent asthma attacks. Thankfully, there are ways to get ahead of your asthma, from simple changes in your routine to visiting your local pharmacy.

How You & Your Pharmacy Can Minimize Spring Asthma

1. Know Your Triggers

Some people are sensitive to cold air, while others are most likely to have a bout of asthma during exercise. Springtime means more allergens, like pollen, which can trigger attacks, so take note of the areas, times of day, and weather conditions that produce the most pollen.

2. Reduce Your Exposure

In addition to avoiding pollen-rich areas or wearing a mask when you go out, you can limit your contact with allergens by leaving them at the door. When you get home, wash your hair and change your clothes. This will help ensure you aren't breathing pollen all evening.

3. Reduce Stress

pharmacyStress is a common asthma trigger and can make attacks worse once they begin. Take time during your day to rest and practice relaxing your body and mind through stretching, meditation, and calm activities, like reading.

4. Have a Plan

Visit your pharmacy to ensure you have cartridges for your inhaler. Also, have a plan for getting away from your asthma trigger, if possible, and take note of areas at work or school where you can rest and recover.

5. Keep Your Inhaler Handy

Your inhaler is small, and it's easy to forget it at home. To make sure you always have it with you, keep it in your bag or purse, and make a specific habit of checking for it before you leave the house. Post a sticky note at the door if it helps you remember. You might also consider keeping a spare in your car for emergencies since this is such a vital piece of medical equipment.


If you're looking for a convenient local pharmacy in Cincinnati, OH, choose Bernens Medical & Pharmacy. Serving Hamilton County since 1963, their dedicated staff and wide selection of health care supplies make them one of the area's most trusted providers. For questions about your prescription or to schedule a consultation, call (513) 471-7575 or reach out online.

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