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3 Ways to Keep Pests out of Your Gutters June 12, 2019

Franklin, Licking
3 Ways to Keep Pests out of Your Gutters, Franklin, Ohio

Gutters protect roofing, siding, and your foundation from water damage every time it rains. When insects and animals come to visit, however, they cause a nuisance by damaging the roof system. To discourage pests, follow these steps.

How to Protect Roofing & Siding From Gutter Pests

1. Clean the Gutters

Not only does clearing leaves and debris out of the gutters help the system work more smoothly, but it also ensures there are fewer places for bugs and animals to hide. The more debris builds up in your gutters, the more food there is for critters. Rotting leaves attract bugs, and the bugs attract birds and other small animals. Finally, the more often you clean your gutters, the easier it is to spot and get rid of bird and animal nests before they make a mess.

2. Cover Guttersroofing

Gutter covers make cleaning the area much easier since leaves are less likely to get caught. Screens, guards, and strainers also discourage animals by creating a physical barrier to keep them out of the gutter.

3. Watch for Standing Water

Puddles in gutters present a unique pest problem; the standing water serves as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. They also encourage animals to come and drink. If your gutters are in good shape, water should run through, down, and out. To fix standing water, clean them out. In the case of damage from the excess weight on the system, arrange gutter repairs or a replacement from a general contractor in your area.


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