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5 Tips for Getting Ready for Date Night June 12, 2019

Glendale, Milwaukee
5 Tips for Getting Ready for Date Night, Glendale, Wisconsin

Whether it’s the first date or the fifth, something about dating is inherently nerve-wracking. Often, the worst part of dating isn’t the date itself, but the apprehension that precedes it. The process of getting ready sets the tone for your entire evening, so take time to get ready both physically and mentally. Here’s everything you need to do to start the night right.

How to Prepare for an Awesome Date

1. Start Early

Plan to have ample time to get ready. Trying to get yourself together in the moments before you’re supposed to be out the door can leave you frazzled. Consider how much time you need to get ready and tack on a few extra minutes. By giving yourself more time, you won’t feel rushed, leaving less of a chance you’ll forget something.

2. Focus on What Makes You Feel Best

Everyone has an aspect of their appearance they feel needs more time and attention. For some, it’s their hair; for others, it may be their teeth or nails. Paint your nails, get your hair done, or whiten your teeth — whatever makes you feel most confident.

3. Wear Something ComfortableDating

Yes, you want to look nice, but don’t underestimate the importance of comfort. Stiff clothes or painful shoes can be a distraction and alter the course of the entire night. Find a happy medium between classy style and function.

4. Relax

If you find that you’re nervous, listen to music, relax with a cup of tea, or distract yourself by turning on the television for background noise. Plus, don’t underestimate the potential of power posing; stand, extend your arms, and take up as much space as possible to help build confidence.

5. Make a Schedule

Establish a time you want to be out the door and on your way. Factor in how long it will take to get to where you’re going. Then, add in a little extra time for the unexpected, such as traffic and roadwork.


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