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3 Ways to Deal With a Car Lockout June 12, 2019

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3 Ways to Deal With a Car Lockout, Thomasville, North Carolina

Whether they happen at home or while you’re out on the town, car lockouts are unpleasant, inconvenient, and may even compromise your safety. Fortunately, when you know how to respond quickly and carefully to the situation, you’ll regain access to your automobile without any problems. Here are a few tips on what to do while you wait for an emergency locksmith to arrive. 

3 Things to Do During a Car Lockout

1. Stay Calm & Collected

In the event of a car lockout, you may feel anxious and panicked, especially if it’s after dark. Take a few deep breaths, and try to remain as calm as possible. With a clear head, try to remember if any friends or family members have a spare key. Before calling them, try opening each door again just to be sure.

2. Don’t Break the Glass

Though you may feel tempted to break a window when facing a car lockout, doing so may result in injuries from broken glass. You might also attract the attention of law enforcement, since they may assume that you’re trying to break into the vehicle. Avoid DIY methods, such as using a coat hanger to try and loosen the lock, as these may cause damage to your car’s body.  

3. Call an Emergency Locksmith

car-lockoutCall an emergency locksmith as soon as you realize you’re locked out of your car. Provide them with your exact location, including the make and model of your vehicle. Professional locksmiths will get you back into your automobile much sooner, and you won’t have to risk harming your car or yourself with DIY methods. 



The next time you experience a car lockout, get in touch with Bill's Locksmith Inc. For over 17 years, they’ve provided emergency and mobile locksmith services for homes, businesses, and vehicles throughout Thomasville, NC, as well as the entire Piedmont Triad area. Call (336) 906-0824 any time you need assistance. Visit them online to learn more about lock installation and rekeying services. 

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