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Gas vs. Electric: Which Stove Is Right for You? June 11, 2019

Havelock, Lincoln
Gas vs. Electric: Which Stove Is Right for You?, Lincoln, Nebraska

Your kitchen stove is an appliance you use daily, which means you want to make sure you’re investing in a high-quality product. When shopping for appliances, you have a huge variety of choices, and stoves are no exception. Many people feel strongly about using a gas stove versus an electric one, but you should decide based on your own individual kitchen needs. Both gas and electric stoves have their pros and cons, listed below. 

Is a Gas or Electric Stove Better for Me? 


Gas stoves can cost more up front because they require a gas line to function and need to be hooked up by a professional. But over time, you’ll actually save money using gas to heat your stove instead of electricity due to lower utility costs. Because it’s not electric, your gas stove will continue to work even during a power outage, unlike your other appliances.

Many cooks prefer gas stoves because they bake dishes with more moisture. The flame on a gas burner also means that you can prepare food faster at higher temperatures. 



Electric stoves are overall cheaper than gas ones, but the costs can rack up as electric heat is generally more expensive. Installation is easy since electric stoves simply plug in to the wall. It also makes moving your electric stove much easier and cheaper than moving a gas stove that requires special installation. In general, electric stoves are considered safer than gas stoves. While gas stoves can leak dangerous fumes if the gas line is compromised, electric stoves pose little risk from anything except electrical failure. 

The heat of an electric oven is much drier, so if you cook a lot of crunchy or crispy foods, you may enjoy the results. Electric stove coils may be slower to heat up than gas burners; however, once heated, they stay hot consistently. 


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