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What’s the Difference Between Marine & Car Batteries? June 12, 2019

Newark, Licking
What’s the Difference Between Marine & Car Batteries?, Newark, Ohio

Most drivers understand that their car batteries play an essential role in providing the power needed to start their vehicle. However, individuals who also own a boat may wonder if there is any difference between a car and “marine battery.” Though they may seem similar, there are enough differences between the two that make it essential to purchase the right battery.


car batteriesCar batteries are almost exclusively designed to start the engine; a large amount of energy is produced to start the car, and then the batteries are recharged. Marine batteries, on the other hand, are “dual purpose.” In addition to starting the boat, they must also supply power for other appliances and devices while the boat is in operation.

Design Differences

Because car and marine batteries have different power delivery methods, their designs also differ. The biggest change is that marine batteries have thicker internal plates to ensure they can provide a constant flow of energy. Marine batteries also have a thicker plastic housing for added protection against impacts and vibrations.

Cold Start Ratings

Car batteries are rated by Cold Cranking Amps, which measures a battery’s maximum discharge at 0 degrees. Marine batteries, on the other hand, are rated by Marine Cranking Amps, which measures efficiency at 32 degrees. This is because cars are far more likely to be used during severely cold weather; as such, they need batteries that are better suited to freezing temperatures. 


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