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The Importance of Electrical Safety in Pools May 31, 2019

Poughkeepsie, Dutchess
The Importance of Electrical Safety in Pools, Poughkeepsie, New York

As the temperatures start to climb, more people will be looking to cool off in their pools. Before making a splash, you may want to add lights and other electric features to your pool or hot tub. Since electricity is dangerous in wet areas, you should never try to fix or install underwater fixtures on your own. Understanding the threat this poses will let you know when to call an electrician to perform work. To help you stay safe this season, here’s a guide to the potential consequences of improper wiring.

Electricity & Swimming Pools

Dangers of Electricity & Water

Typically, the electrical equipment used in and around pools doesn’t pack the voltage necessary to pose the threat of electrocution. What heightens the risk of injury is the water, since it conducts electricity. This means currents travel through wet areas. A shock can cause a heart attack or stop a person’s breathing.

Electrical Threats in Pools

electricianPool lighting is a common aesthetic and safety feature of swimming pools. While these fixtures don’t carry much electricity, they can still be dangerous if they’re cracked or have loose seals. If there is water or mold inside the light, get it repaired by an electrician to prevent issues. 

Any type of improper or damaged wiring in pool equipment can also create a dangerous environment. Since many parts of a pool are connected, faulty wiring can send an electrical current throughout the entire network, including handrails and ladders. Keep your family safe by having any wired features installed by professional electricians to ensure connections are secure. 


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