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Great Ways to Ease Math Anxiety September 22, 2015

La Cañada Flintridge, Pasadena
Great Ways to Ease Math Anxiety, Pasadena, California

Math—a four letter word that fills most people with dread. Have you ever wondered what causes math anxiety and how to spot the symptoms in your kids? Well, the knowledgeable tutors at Mathnasium of La Cañada are here to help:


  • Panic: When a child doesn’t understand a concept but does understand the consequences of poor test scores, they are at risk of "freaking out" at the sight of an equation.
  • Lack Of Confidence: After failing in math time and time again, students will eventually give up and proclaim, “I’m not good at math.”
  • Indifference: If a child just “doesn’t get it,” they’ll shut down and exhibit passive behavior due to a feeling of helplessness.


  • Bad Experience: Whether students have been shamed by their teacher for their inability to understand a concept, or they’ve consistently done poorly on tests, children usually develop math anxiety from a past filled with bad experiences.
  • High-Stakes Testing: When their futures are determined by long, timed tests, children either rise to the challenge (if they’ve had positive experiences), or fall to the wayside if they haven't.
  • Risk Of Embarrassment: In a social environment, “I don’t know” is a safer answer than being wrong, causing students to either freeze up or act like they don’t understand.

Regardless of the cause, Mathnasium of La Cañada can assess the symptoms of math anxiety and develop a customized learning plan to help your child reach their learning goals. 

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