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3 Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pet June 12, 2019

Mineral Springs, Moore
3 Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pet, Mineral Springs, North Carolina

Spay and neuter procedures are an important part of pet health and safety, but they do more than prevent unwanted pregnancies. However, because many pet owners are unaware of the benefits, they sometimes choose to forego the procedure. Here are a few reasons this veterinary care step is vital to your cat or dog’s well-being.

Why Is Spaying & Neutering So Important? 

1. Prevents Overpopulation

Overpopulation is a growing problem for dogs and cats. Unwanted pregnancies lead to a litter of offspring many people can’t or are unwilling to take care of. Veterinary care centers and adoption agencies can only provide temporary treatment and housing, and often, unintended animals never find a home. Spay and neuter procedures ensure dogs and cats can’t become pregnant or impregnate one another, significantly reducing overpopulation.

2. Promotes Better Health

veterinary-care-west-pine-animal-hospital-and-pet-resortSpay and neuter procedures also keep your pet healthier. They reduce the likelihood of many cancers, including uterine, testicular, prostate, and other cancers of the reproductive system. Pets have a natural instinct to roam, which can lead to dangerous fights, accidents, or injuries from traffic. Pets — especially females in heat — that have been spayed or neutered will be less likely to roam, since there won’t be a strong temptation to breed.

3. Reduces Poor Behavior

Male and female dogs are more prone to urine-marking and aggressive behavior when they aren’t spayed or neutered, and cats may be more willing to spray. Each may also lean toward dominant behavior, including barking and mounting. Spay and neuter procedures reduce these actions. They won’t, however, alter your pet’s personality — a common misconception.


If you’ve recently brought a pet into the family, spaying or neutering them is an important first step. For high-quality veterinary care, turn to West Pine Animal Hospital and Pet Resort in West End, NC. Led by Drs. Caroline Lea Tyndall and Keith Harrison, they take every step to keep pets healthy, providing vaccinations, boarding, surgery, and general care. Call (910) 673-3103 to schedule a pet wellness exam and connect on Facebook for more veterinary care tips. To learn more about the animal hospital, visit their website.

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