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The Diversity of Orchids: Flower Delivery For Every Occasion August 19, 2015

Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn
The Diversity of Orchids: Flower Delivery For Every Occasion, Brooklyn, New York

For a long-lasting statement of love and affection, orchids make the perfect bouquet of flowers. There are just as many varieties of orchids as there are occasions to give them: Yellow Hero orchids for a happy day, “James Storei” dendrobium orchids for a classy event, burgundy dendrobium orchids to say “I love you,” and countless more. 

Brooklyn-based Flowerworks designs gorgeous floral arrangements for all special events:

  • Weddings: Orchids come in many pastel shades. Blend blush-pink Phalaenopsis orchids with your wedding flowers for a subtle effect, or Cymbidium orchids for a bright summer wedding. Classic white Phalaenopsis orchids are the perfect match for a traditional wedding gown.
  • Baby Showers: The reason orchids have so many species is that every orchid attracts a different insect for pollination. Celebrate the diversity of life at your next baby shower with orchids in every color of the rainbow. Even green orchids exist: “Green Hero” Cymbidium orchids defy all expectations, just like the miracle of life itself.
  • Birthday Flowers: There is something about orchids that makes them truly distinctive, no matter the season. They can be fierce and restrained at the same time, and like roses, they can be glamorous or even romantic. Reflect the many moods of age and beauty with a bouquet of orchids at your next birthday celebration.

All Brooklyn residents get free flower delivery, and same-day delivery is available to all customers for orders received before 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. Call Flowerworks for delivery to funeral homes, high schools, workplaces and other New York locations. Choose one of many pre-arranged bouquets, or customize your own. To place your order, call (718) 230-9393.