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3 Unique Features to Include in a Custom Home June 12, 2019

Utica, Chickasaw
3 Unique Features to Include in a Custom Home, Utica, Iowa

Building a custom home is an exciting milestone. Rather than investing finances into renovations with an older home, you can build your dream abode from the ground up. If you’re still in the design phase of the project, here are a few unique features to add to your home that will boost its value.

3 Features to Add to Your Custom Home

1. Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are a major asset to have in your custom home. Rather than storing water in a tank and consuming energy to keep it hot, tankless models only heat water upon turning on the faucet. They reduce energy costs and take up less space as they can be mounted in a cabinet or on the wall. 

2. Open Floor Plan

custom homeAn open floor plan is a modern trend that’s growing more popular in custom homes. This type of floor plan expands usable living space and fills homes with natural light. If you’re entertaining guests or watching the kids, you can prepare food in the kitchen without having to leave the room. 

3. Walk-In Closet Organization System

If you’re building a spacious walk-in closet for your master bedroom, don’t forget to incorporate an organization system. Add shelving for shoes and drawers for accessories and jewelry. Install an LED lighting system in your closet for easy visibility at night. An island is also a luxe feature that provides extra storage for your clothing. 


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