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5 Signs You Need Transmission Repairs June 12, 2019

Burlington, Boone
5 Signs You Need Transmission Repairs, Burlington, Kentucky

Your car's transmission is essential to transfer engine power to the wheels and regulate the speed of the tires rotating. When it breaks, your vehicle can't switch gears, and other parts of your car may be damaged. To avoid these issues, watch for signs that you need transmission repairs.

How to Tell If You Need Repairs for Transmission Problems

1. Issues With Shifting Gears

A transmission should shift smoothly. When the transmission is about to go out, you may experience a delay when shifting, feel shaking, or your car may fall out of gear either while shifting or at random. This is known as slipping gears and can make driving in traffic dangerous.

2. Noises

While shifting, a damaged transmission often makes a grinding noise that’s abrupt and noticeable. This can come from the clutch or other elements of the transmission assembly. A noisy transmission could be low on fluid, which will increase the heat and friction inside the part and cause loud noises.

3. Leaks

transmission repairTransmission fluid is a reddish hue when it's new and turns darker and brown with use. If you see red fluid on your driveway, get the leak fixed immediately to avoid further transmission damage. Without proper lubrication, your transmission will become damaged through excessive heat and friction from the engine running.

4. Smells

If anything in your car smells like it's burning, you need immediate car maintenance. Burnt transmission fluid is most often noticed right as you step out of the vehicle, but you may smell this burning odor while driving.

5. Cloudy Transmission Fluid

Cloudy fluid can still cause damage by failing to lubricate the transmission sufficiently because it's too old or burnt. Check your fluid — if it's dark and opaque, you may not need transmission repairs, but the fluid should be replaced.


For transmission repairs and maintenance in Boone County, visit Superior Imports in Burlington, KY. For 45 years, this locally owned and operated company has specialized in imported cars, offering a warranty on parts and labor, and has earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau®. To schedule your transmission repair, call (859) 586-7444 or learn more about their services online.

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