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Sashimi vs. Sushi May 31, 2019

Bon Secour, Baldwin
Sashimi vs. Sushi, Bon Secour, Alabama

When you're in the mood for raw seafood, sushi and sashimi are the obvious options. While they're similar and are sometimes served at the same restaurants, each of these dishes has its own distinguishing characteristics. Here's how you can tell them apart.

Sushi Has Rice; Sashimi Doesn't

SashimiTechnically, the word "sushi" refers to the rice in the dish — not the fish. Sushi rice is mixed with vinegar, thus the name; "su" means vinegar and "shi" comes from the word for rice. The vinegared rice is in sushi either formed into small mounds topped with fish or rolled with sheets of seaweed and other ingredients. Sashimi doesn’t use rice but instead is made of thin slices of fish served with only a garnish and dipping sauce. The word sashimi means "pierced body," probably due to the historical practice of labeling the fish by skewering the tail and fins to the sliced meat.

They’re Found on Different Menus

While the rice is the defining difference between the two dishes, there are other differences too. With the exception of octopus — which is sometimes cooked — sashimi is always raw. Fish sashimi is most popular, particularly in the U.S.; in Japan, you can find other types of meat served in this style. Sashimi uses only very high-grade fish to ensure the best flavor. Sushi employs a wider range of ingredients — including vegetables and egg — and can include cooked fish.


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