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How to Determine the Frequency of Office Cleanings June 19, 2019

New York, New York
How to Determine the Frequency of Office Cleanings, New York, New York

Professional office cleaning can reduce employee sick days, improve air quality, and boost the appearance of your commercial space. The frequency at which you’ll need this service depends on your company, since every business has their own needs. If you’re unsure how often to schedule janitorial services, you should understand some of the factors that will affect this. To help you keep your workplace pristine, here are some of the aspects to consider when deciding how often to schedule cleanings. 

4 Factors to Consider When Scheduling Office Cleaning

1. Traffic

How busy is your office? Locations that have a lot of foot traffic from employees and visitors will require more frequent cleaning, since this treks in more mud from the outdoors. You might need janitorial services as often as every month. If you run a small office or shop, on the other hand, a deep clean every six months may suffice.

2. Flooring 

office cleaningDifferent flooring ranges in required care. For example, commercial carpeting needs to be steamed several times a year to remove built-up contaminants such as dust and pollen. Smooth materials like linoleum, vinyl, wood, and tile may require only a yearly cleaning to remove dried residue, stains, and other marks.

3. Rooms

Bathrooms, break rooms, and kitchen areas accumulate viruses and bacteria that can cause colds and illnesses. This can make your employees sick, preventing them from coming to work, so these rooms must be professionally cleaned weekly. Unused rooms and equipment can be cleaned less often, since they’re less likely to spread sickness.

4. Climate

Companies located in high-humidity cities like New York will require regular cleaning to prevent mold and mildew in moist places such as vents and bathrooms. Places with seasonal changes may need to alter their office cleaning schedule to address the weather. For example, you may need to wipe your floor daily during the winter to remove snow and mud marks, but only weekly in the summer.


If you need professional office cleaning, contact Dust Free Corp. in Brooklyn, NY, to set up your appointment. They’ll send a technician to assess your needs before sending an equipped crew to keep everything clean and sanitized. They create custom packages tailored to your business. Learn more about their process online, or call (646) 467-0566 to schedule service.