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How Can Your Business Benefit From Access Control Systems? May 31, 2019

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How Can Your Business Benefit From Access Control Systems?, ,

If you own or manage a small business, you may be wondering how to make your commercial property safer. Although there are many different ways to increase your business’s security, access control systems are effective in many different regards, from protecting sensitive information to deterring theft. Here are four ways your small business can benefit from an access control system’s advanced security features. 

4 Perks of Access Control Systems

1. Monitor Entrances 

Access control systems prevent unauthorized personnel from entering the building. Your staff and employees can use keycards or security codes to gain access to the property. Access control also allows you to restrict certain areas, such as utility tunnels and electrical rooms. 

2. Protect Data 

access-control-systemsAnother impressive advantage of access control systems is data breach prevention. Choose which computers you allow your employees to access and protect any sensitive information with special codes. With an access control system in place, your company’s network will also be less vulnerable to external hacking. 

3. Control the Atmosphere

Access control systems permit you to control both the lighting and HVAC system in each part of your commercial space. The lights will automatically adjust, making it easier to see and increasing safety at night. By fine-tuning each area’s temperature, you’ll keep your business comfortable and save money.

4. Enjoy Peace of Mind

With an access control system in place, you can worry less about the safety of your business while you’re away. Access control systems provide invaluable peace of mind, all but eliminating the possibility of theft, break-ins, and other criminal activity. 



Strengthen the security of your business with access control systems from OhmComm, Inc. For over two decades, they have provided surveillance systems, IT support, data recovery, and telecommunications services to clients throughout Philadelphia, PA. Call them at (215) 467-1444. Visit them online to learn more about their many technological solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. 

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