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How to Stay on a Diet at a Restaurant June 19, 2019

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How to Stay on a Diet at a Restaurant, Orange Beach, Alabama

Heading out to dinner at a family-friendly restaurant can be a wonderful experience, but it’s also tough for those who are trying to stick to a steady diet. Even though you have less control in a restaurant setting, it’s still absolutely possible to stick to your diet while enjoying a meal out. This guide can help you choose the best options for your goals.

4 Tips for Keeping Up With Your Diet While Going Out to Dinner

1. Choose a Restaurant With Healthy Options

Most restaurants have menus available online. Before going out, do some research and find a place that offers healthy options like seafood or salads that fit within your diet plan. If you aren’t the one choosing, look up the menu anyway and find what dishes best suit your needs. You’ll be less tempted by unhealthy options if you pick something early on.

2. Ask Questions

dinnerDon’t be afraid to ask your server questions about your meal. For example, find out what side dishes come with it or if you can get certain sauces on the side so you can better control portions. Most places would be happy to swap out fries for a salad or veggies if you ask.

3. Beware of Extras

Sometimes, the items outside of your main course are the real diet killers. Finishing a bottle of wine and a full bread basket before your meal even arrives probably isn’t part of your diet. You don’t need to completely deny yourself, depending on your diet plan, but don’t overlook these extras just because they’re not part of your main dinner.

4. Don’t Feel the Need to Eat Everything on Your Plate

Finally, just because you ordered an entree, it doesn’t mean you need to eat every bite. Once you feel full, stop eating and take the rest home or offer it to a friend. It’s also okay to leave extra items like fries or bread behind if they’re not part of your diet.


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