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Geary Associates Will Handle All Your Boundary Surveying And Construction Management Needs September 1, 2015

Petersburg, Grant
Geary Associates Will Handle All Your Boundary Surveying And Construction Management Needs, Petersburg, West Virginia

Located in Petersburg, WV, Geary Associates serves clients in the Potomac Highlands and surrounding area, providing professional civil engineering and surveying services. The professional services available from Geary Associates include full-service construction management, building plans for residential and office buildings, and property surveying, such as boundary surveying.

Geary Associates understands that before you can make use of this useful service, you need to understand what it is and what it can do for you. Here are the facts:

What Is Boundary Surveying? Boundary surveying is a formal establishment of a property’s boundaries, meaning an outlining of the full extent of a parcel of land. Boundary surveys are usually required to set boundaries for new land, or to re-determine boundaries.

Why Would You Need A Boundary Survey? Boundary surveys are often required or used to settle disputes and misunderstandings about land perimeters, or to determine where certain belowground systems are located. They’re also used for landowners who wish to make improvements on their property while staying within boundary lines. In many cases, once boundary surveys are completed, landowners will use fences or stakes to maintain visual boundaries and keep peace between neighboring parcel owners.

In addition to boundary survey services, Geary Associates also offers many other surveying services and quality engineering services. They’re ready to assist you with any and all environmental, geo-technical, transportation, surveying, and structural engineering requirements. Visit them online to see a list of extensive land development, engineering, and surveying services they offer to clients. You can also call (304) 257-2022 to speak with an engineering specialist about your needs.

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