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3 Electrical Elements to Consider for a New Restaurant August 8, 2019

Davenport, Lincoln
3 Electrical Elements to Consider for a New Restaurant , Davenport, Washington

Restaurants have unique electrical needs. Aside from setting the dining room ambiance, you’ll use your electricity to power commercial-grade equipment and appliances. If you’re opening a restaurant, working with an electrician will ensure your electrical system is ready to handle all that may come your way. To help guide you through this process, here are a few factors to consider about your restaurant’s wiring. 

Determining Your Restaurant’s Electrical Needs

1. Outlets 

With so many people attached to their laptops and smartphones these days, it has become common practice to place electrical outlets in restaurant bar areas. This prevents customers from asking to plug their devices behind the bar, where outlets are already being utilized for your operation. Having outlets will also motivate patrons to stay longer, which will convert into more sales.

2. Equipment Voltage 

electricianBefore you can install appliances in your restaurant, you must ensure your power receptacles are set up to deliver the appropriate voltage. It’s standard for heavy-duty kitchen equipment to run on supplies of 208 or 240 volts. Providing less energy can result in inefficiency, equipment damage, or a short circuit.

3. Maintenance

Electrical hazards are a common problem in commercial kitchens, where power is always running high and under heat. To reduce your risk of fire, an electrician should perform regular inspections to keep your system in top shape. Maintenance will catch any faulty wiring, worn cords, or overloaded circuits, ensuring your establishment is safe for customers and employees.


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