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3 Quick Tips for Restoring Your Vacuum’s Suction Power June 7, 2019

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3 Quick Tips for Restoring Your Vacuum’s Suction Power, Anchorage, Alaska

Your vacuum cleaner has but one simple job: suck up debris. When it stops doing this efficiently, you may want to replace it. But don’t be so hasty. While vacuum cleaners do lose suction with age, you may be able to restore some of its lost suction power with the following tips.  

How to Restore Your Vacuum’s Strength

1. Check for Clogs

A blockage will hinder the flow of air into your vacuum, so check inside the appliance’s hoses and tubes. If you don’t see anything, disconnect the hoses and tubes. If you can’t see all the way through to the other side, there’s a clog. Try pushing it through with a broom handle or similarly long object. 

2. Empty the Bag or Canister

VacuumCheck the canister or bag to see how full it is. If it’s about to burst, dirt can back up into the tubes and hoses and make suction difficult. For an easy fix, empty the canister or replace the bag and test the suction.

3. Adjust the Height Setting

A vacuum that’s raised too high or too low from the floor may have to work harder to do its job. Look for a lever or dial on the side to adjust its height. The lowest setting, usually indicated by a “1,” is for bare floors. For carpet, you’ll need a higher setting. Your vacuum may have multiple height settings, so cycle through all of them to see if it impacts suction. 


If you still can’t determine why your vacuum’s suction power has diminished, the experts at Riehl Sew N Vac in Anchorage, AK, can help. For over 30 years, this factory-trained team of professionals has been helping diagnose and repair vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, and quilting and embroidery machines, for fair and affordable prices. If they determine you need a new vacuum cleaner, they can help you pick out the best one for you. Visit their website to learn more about their products and services or call (907) 563-2909 to set up an appointment.

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