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What Is a Water Conditioning System? May 30, 2019

Naples, Ontario
What Is a Water Conditioning System?, Naples, New York

Often, the water running through your household isn’t purely oxygen and hydrogen. Many other types of particles can enter your water before it reaches your home. To purify the water you’re showering in, cooking with, and drinking, invest in a water conditioning system. Here’s what you need to know before installing one.

An Introduction to Water Conditioning Systems

What Is a Water Conditioning System?

Water conditioners prevent mineral buildups inside the pipes, plumbing fixtures, and appliances, as well as keep unhealthy substances out of your drinking water. They alter the chemical makeup of your water supply to prevent minerals from sticking to your pipes and harming your health.

How Does It Work?

water conditioning systemUnlike water softeners, water conditioning systems don’t use salt to purify water. As a result, they don’t eradicate hardness; however they do remove unwanted minerals from your water and prevent them from sticking to your plumbing. They do this by chemically transforming the magnesium and calcium particles in the water, de-scaling your plumbing system.  

Why Should You Get One?

Water conditioning systems are primarily used to reduce pipe scaling, which can lead to plumbing damage and low water pressure. They also reduce visible buildups, such as white, filmy spots that form around sinks and drains. Unlike water softeners, they don’t require homeowners to refill any salt supplies—reducing maintenance—and they won’t leave the water feeling slippery. Additionally, they are cheaper to install than water softeners, reduce soap scum, and waste little water, lowering your water bills. Finally, they allow homeowners to use less detergent and soap, saving them money. 


If you’re interested in installing a water conditioning system in your home, get in touch with Valley Mechanical in Naples, NY. Serving Ontario and Yates counties, they are committed to offering quality plumbing services like water treatment installations. For more information about their services, visit the website. Call (585) 374-6866 to make an appointment with a technician. 

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