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How to Boost Your Car's Value June 4, 2019

Madison, Lake
How to Boost Your Car's Value, Madison, Ohio

If you list a car in its current condition, you may not get as much money as you could with a few key upgrades. Visiting an auto body shop could offer the extra boost needed to increase the value of the vehicle. Here are a few options to consider that may help gain a higher return on your investment when it’s time to sell a car.

4 Ways to Improve Vehicle Value

1. Fix Dents

After getting into a fender bender, many vehicle owners never fix the dent left behind since it’s only damaging the appearance of the car. However, getting this issue addressed by an auto body shop can improve the value of the car and potentially help you appeal to buyers who wouldn’t think twice about a model with accident damage of any kind.

2. Paint the Exterior

Does the vehicle have any missing paint? Often, the areas around the door handles and wheel wells are chipped or scratched. Have these signs of wear and tear painted over or completely repaint the entire vehicle. Adding a coat will help protect the car from rust and corrosion, as well as make it look better.

3. Get It Detailed 

auto body shop Lake County OHHaving a car professionally detailed can greatly improve its value. This process can include shampooing the floors, sanitizing the dash and surfaces, and wiping the glass clean of fingerprints. You may choose interior or exterior detailing, but opting for both provides the best bang for your buck to ensure the condition of the inside matches that of the outside.

4. Repair Rust

Over time, many cars incur rust damage due to exposure to the elements. An auto body shop can assess these areas and replace the rusted metal as needed. They’ll know how to remove the affected spots before replacing them with new metal and sanding and painting the replacement areas to perfectly match the rest of the car.


If you need dent repairs or painting, contact Frank’s Auto Body & Restoration in Lake County, OH. Their expert team of technicians can replace glass and weld, fabricate, paint, and customize vehicles old and new. Call the Madison-area auto body shop at (440) 428-6259 to schedule an appointment, or visit their website to learn more about their services.