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Why You Should Get Involved in a Chamber Committee June 29, 2020

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Why You Should Get Involved in a Chamber Committee, Huntington, New York

When you’re a young professional just starting in the business world, becoming a Chamber of Commerce member can open the door to valuable opportunities. One of the biggest benefits is making a difference in your community by serving on a committee. Chambers typically have a variety of committees in place designed to promote and nurture the local economic spirit. Whether you’ve just launched a business or you’re still defining your entrepreneurial dreams, here is why you should consider getting involved in a committee.

How Joining a Chamber Committee Will Benefit Your Entrepreneurial Pursuits

Serve a Larger Audience

Whichever committee you choose to join, you will play a vital role in your community’s revitalization. As a young professional, it’s important to expand your brand exposure and reach as many people in your region as possible. By serving on a team that is dedicated to being a catalyst for change, you will gain the added advantage of establishing a solid business reputation. 

Enhance Your Personal Development

young professionalsSince it’s common for chambers to have multiple committees, you can join all the ones that draw your interest. This will allow you to discover more about yourself and your skills. In turn, there is great potential for you to develop new skills and interests that you can use to help grow a thriving business career. 

Establish a Better Rapport With the Community & Your Peers

Working with fellow business owners in a committee will give you the chance to find out more about them and their goals.  This is a great way to broaden your network of contacts while learning about community issues that impact your own entrepreneurial aspirations. The connections you make as a young professional can prove helpful in expanding your own business and bringing credibility to your name. 



Joining a chamber committee will provide a convenient way to network and allow you to have a hand in strengthening the future of the community where you live, work, and play. If you’re interested in learning more, contact the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce. Since 1925, the organization has offered both young professionals and seasoned entrepreneurs throughout Huntington, NY, many resources to grow their bottom line and expand as leaders. Call (631) 423-6100 to ask about applying for membership or visit them online to view the different committees they have available.

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