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What to Include in Your Living Will May 30, 2019

Mountain Home, Baxter
What to Include in Your Living Will, Mountain Home, Arkansas

Drafting a living will can provide considerable peace of mind for both you and your loved ones. In this legal document, you may state your preferences regarding end-of-life care in the event that you ever become incapacitated. Also called a health care declaration or a medical directive, living wills should address the following.

3 Elements to Include in Your Living Will

1. Ongoing Sustenance

Some unconscious patients can live for months or even years with interventions like tube feeding and IV fluids. Whether you want access to ongoing sustenance following incapacitation is a deeply personal choice. Once you’ve decided what you want in such a scenario, state it in your living will.

2. Life-Prolonging Interventions

willsLife-prolonging interventions include everything from CPR and blood transfusions to dialysis and mechanical ventilation. Antibiotics or antiviral medications can also fall under this category in certain circumstances. What kinds of interventions are you comfortable with receiving and which would you prefer to go without? If you do want any interventions, state a specific duration for them, as well. For example, are you okay with relying on a mechanical ventilator indefinitely, or would you prefer to try it for no more than a few months?

3. Palliative Care

Palliative care refers to interventions that aim to keep those with terminal illnesses comfortable without prolonging their life. In this portion of the will, you can also include preferences like passing at home instead of in a hospital, should the option arise.


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