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3 Water Conservation Tips for Restaurant Ice Machines May 30, 2019

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3 Water Conservation Tips for Restaurant Ice Machines, Honolulu, Hawaii

Ice machines use much more water than you might expect. There’s water not only in the ice, but also in the rinsing mechanism that removes trace minerals from the equipment. If you’d like to reduce your unit’s water usage, keep these tips in mind.

How to Conserve Water in Your Ice Machine

1. Check for Existing Leaks

It’s not unusual for ice machines to develop leaks, which will waste gallons of water if left unaddressed. Look around the appliance to determine the source of the problem. If water pools around the machine, avoid stepping in the puddle to prevent electrical injuries. Unplug the machine before you turn off the water to likewise avoid damaging the unit. If it’s impractical to turn off the machine because your restaurant requires a consistent ice supply, collect the leaking water in a bucket while you wait for an appliance repair technician to arrive.

Honolulu, HI ice machines2. Try an Air-Cooled Machine

A water-cooled machine wastes excessive water during rinse cycles and the production process. If you use your ice maker to create clearer, more refined ice, then the machine will also waste water going through a repetitive freeze-thaw cycle to eliminate the air bubbles typically found in cubes. An ENERGY STAR® air-cooled machine, by contrast, is more water and energy-efficient because it uses a fan to withdraw heat from the cooling components.

3. Assess Ice Production Schedules

Consider how much ice the machine produces daily. If there’s a surplus, adjust its timer settings to make less each day. You can also produce ice during the overnight hours to reduce the demand on your electrical system.


If you’re concerned about the condition of your ice machine, turn to the professionals at Pacific Ice Services. Based in Honolulu, HI, they’ve served the community since 1973 with appliance repairs, maintenance, and installation. They also carry an extensive range of commercial ice machines, install water filtration systems, and replace equipment parts. Visit the company online to learn more about their services, or call (808) 839-6839 to make an appointment.

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