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5 Easily Overlooked Items to Purchase for Your First Apartment May 31, 2019

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5 Easily Overlooked Items to Purchase for Your First Apartment, Ashland, Kentucky

Moving into your first apartment rental is an exciting life experience. Once you have secured a unit and signed a lease, you then have to figure out what you’ll need for your new place. Though many new renters understand the importance of necessities like a sofa and a comfortable bed, there are several other items you’ll need for your new home.

5 Essential Items to Buy for Your First Apartment Rental

1. Kitchen Items

Though you may want to purchase a full dish set and fancy cookware at a later date, you should still buy a few items to use in the meantime. For instance, food containers, cooking utensils, plates, bowls, cups, and a skillet are basic kitchen necessities that will allow you to cook and eat at home with ease.

2. Cleaning Supplies

apartment rentalThe rental property will be thoroughly cleaned before you move in, but unpacking can make your place a little messy. Purchase everything you’ll need to keep your home clean, including a mop, broom or vacuum, multi-surface cleaners, rags, and disinfectant spray. You’ll also need detergent for dishes and clothing.

3. Toolkit

If you intend to assemble furniture or hang wall decor, you’ll need a handy set of tools to get the job done. By having a kit packed with essentials like screwdrivers, nails, screws, a hammer, and wrench, you can quickly finish your project and settle into your new home.

4. Plunger

It’s not unusual for accidents to happen in the bathroom, so it’s best to prepare. Keeping a toilet plunger on hand will ensure you have a way to dislodge a clog without having to call a plumber. They are less expensive than a plumbing service and can be purchased at a hardware store.

5. First Aid Kit

Moving can be a difficult task, and unfortunately, accidents can occur. For minor injuries like cuts or scrapes, you will need a first aid kit. A well-stocked kit should include items like bandages, gauze pads, antibiotic ointment, and antiseptic wipes. You may also want to include over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications for pain relief.


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