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A Helpful Trick for Measuring Kids' Shoe Sizes May 29, 2019

Enterprise, Clark
A Helpful Trick for Measuring Kids' Shoe Sizes, Enterprise, Nevada

Kids grow quickly, which means they’re consistently outgrowing their clothes. It’s easy enough to tell when shirts and pants are getting too small, but what about footwear? There isn’t a good visual method to test the tightness of toddler shoes, so many parents use the thumb rule. The following guide explains how the thumb rule works.

How to Use the Thumb Rule to Check Your Toddler’s Shoe Size

What Is the Thumb Rule?

To check your child’s growth, have them wear socks and fasten their shoes snugly. With their heels pushed against the backs of their shoes, tell them to stand up straight. It may help to have them rest their back against the wall. Feel around the front end of the shoe until you can find your little one’s longest toe.

At an angle perpendicular to the foot, place your thumb against the space between your child’s toe and the tip of the shoe. The rule of thumb is that there should always be about a ½ inch gap for your child’s feet to grow. If there isn’t enough room for your thumb to press down, it’s time to shop for some new toddler shoes.

Why Is Proper Sizing Necessary for Children?

Young children won’t toddler shoesnecessarily understand that the tight feeling in their feet means their shoes no longer fit. As a result, they may not voice their discomfort, particularly if it stems from a favorite pair.

However, the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons states that kids can grow up to two sizes in as little as six months. To keep up, parents should regularly use the thumb rule at home and when shopping for new shoes. Tight-fitting toddler shoes can be painful and potentially cause blisters, ingrown toenails, and posture problems. Even oversized footwear can be dangerous. Loose shoes slip forward on your child’s feet, putting pressure on their toes and often causing them to trip. Always go with shoes that pass the rule of thumb test.


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