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3 Ways Joining a Church Strengthens Your Christianity July 11, 2019

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3 Ways Joining a Church Strengthens Your Christianity, Lexington-Fayette Northeast, Kentucky

Joining a church can help you strengthen your relationship with God. This safe, nurturing environment will provide you with guidance, accountability, encouragement, and strength, all while teaching you about God’s divine love. To understand the benefits of joining the church, here are a few ways it can help strengthen your faith.

How Joining a Church Can Strengthen Christian Faith

1. It Provides an Environment to Mirror God’s Love

Regularly attending church can help you learn about God’s love and how you can spread it in your life and your community. You’ll learn the importance of loving your neighborhood and expanding your circle outside of your immediate and extended family. This will widen your spiritual family and teach you to love without judgment, bringing you closer to God and His divine love in the process.  

2. It Helps Establish Discipline & Accountability

churchBy regularly participating in the church, you’ll develop discipline, remaining accountable to yourself while demonstrating your commitment to your faith. By letting others in and granting them access to your life, you can also ask for guidance. Your fellow church members can help point your compass back to Christ if you should ever go astray, ensuring you stay on the path to Christianity. In turn, you will encourage, strengthen, and pray for other Christians.

3. Gain Protection & Guidance

As an active member, you’ll gain the protection of the church’s elders and pastors. Every member is there to care for you, counsel you, and teach you more about your faith. This helps foster a safe, comfortable environment with like-minded Christians who are committed to helping you lead a life that’s pleasing to God.


If you’re looking to join a church in the Lexington, KY, area, look no further than Center Point Church. To create a sanctuary for families, individuals, and lost souls searching for the Word of God, their dedicated staff provides a welcoming environment for worship. Between Sunday worship, youth groups, and church volunteer programs, there’s something for every member of your family to participate in to spread the Word. To learn more about joining, call (859) 263-9384, and visit them online for more information.

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