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The Best Ways Restaurants Prepare Fish May 31, 2019

Gulf Shores, Baldwin
The Best Ways Restaurants Prepare Fish, Gulf Shores, Alabama

When going to a restaurant, many people choose dishes and cooking styles that they have never had before. This offers a great opportunity to try fish made in various ways. Here are some prep options restaurants often offer to help you choose what to order the next time you dine out.

Fish Preparation Options


Have you ever ordered baked fish and vegetables? This seaside classic includes ingredients that are all cooked together on one pan to create a unified flavor between the fillets and veggies. You can bake just about any kind of fish, but it’s helpful to keep the skin on for thinner cuts to prevent the meat from falling apart.


Panfish is excellent when fried. Whether you prefer flounder, grouper, or trigger, these tasty, thinner fish pair well with breading and hold onto batter nicely when fried in some hot oil. The crispiness this creates also causes a nice contrast to the soft fish’s texture.


restaurantThicker, fattier fish is often grilled to provide heat from all directions while still offering a moist inside. For example, restaurants often grill grouper, mahi-mahi, or yellowfin tuna planks to maintain the coloring and flaky texture without drying out the meat.


Many restaurants pan fry fish to give it a crispy brown outside while maintaining a moist inside. This method is well-suited for whitefish fillets. However, if a fish monger removes the scales, it can also be tasty to sear flounder and snapper with the skin on for an extra crispy texture.


If you’re looking to try some of these delicious fish options, head to DeSoto’s Seafood Kitchen in Baldwin County, AL. The restaurant has been voted Best Lunch and Dinner by the community for over 10 years thanks to their fresh ingredients and experienced chefs. Call the Gulf Shores location at (251) 948-7294, or visit the website for information on their full menu to get you excited about stopping by for a tasty dish like grilled fish with a mango fruit salsa and yellow rice or snow crab legs steamed to perfection.

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