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How Can Your Kids Benefit From Wrestling? June 7, 2019

Aiea, Ewa
How Can Your Kids Benefit From Wrestling?, Ewa, Hawaii

Kids of all ages and sizes can benefit from wrestling. This sport is more than a fun activity as it also provides a range of lifelong physical and social advantages. If your children are looking for a new extracurricular, consider these benefits to decide if enrolling them is what they need.

The Well-Rounded Perks of Wrestling

Physical Benefits

Wrestling is a full-body workout. Participants push and pull their opponent, activating their upper body, while squatting and maintaining their balance with their lower half. Athletes must strengthen their core so that they can stay balanced in any position while gaining control over their opponent.

wrestlingAdditionally, participants work on their flexibility to outmaneuver their opponent. Each match is six minutes of non-stop exertion, which provides an excellent workout for the heart. As a result, wrestlers tend to be in stellar cardiovascular shape. These athletes burn a significant amount of calories in a short amount of time, managing their weight and maintaining excellent health.

Social Benefits

Wrestling will teach young students how to work on a team and cooperate while carrying their own weight. Athletes will also learn how to master a skill through dedication and hard work. Mastering the sport and knowing they’re good at something will boost their confidence and improve their self-esteem. Facing an opponent teaches children to control their emotions while working with a coach instills a respect for authority. Kids might also foster lifelong friendships with their teammates.


If you want your child to reap these benefits, contact Hawaii Wrestling Academy in Aiea. This is the only year-round club on Oahu, and their coaches teach different types of wrestling, including folkstyle, freestyle, and Greco-Roman. Their skilled trainers have over 30 years of experience and are USA Wrestling-certified, so they’ll be able to provide your child with world-class coaching. View their class schedule online, or call (808) 381-3048 to sign up for a group class.