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5 Things to Know About Lock Picking & Physical Security From Rockville's Best Lock Repair Service August 14, 2015

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5 Things to Know About Lock Picking & Physical Security From Rockville's Best Lock Repair Service, 4, Maryland

The more you know about lock picking and physical security, the better you’ll be at maintaining a safe home or business. Pick Lock & Key in Rockville, MD regularly stresses the importance of lock and security education to their residential and commercial locksmith service clients.

Consider these five things you should know about lock picking and physical security:

  • Locks Aren’t Complicated: Locks are simplistic mechanisms featuring a few stacked pins that move when the right key is inserted. Some locks have more pins than others, but the basic construction remains the same.


  • Locks Are Easy to Pick: Unfortunately, most locks don’t take much effort to pick. You might think that the more pins a lock has, the more secure it is, but this isn’t always the case. Many locks feature flaws, such as pin alignment issues, that make it possible to “attack” pin stacks one at a time. Comprising the pins is therefore fairly simple.
  • Electronic Features Aren’t Fail-safe: Plenty of today’s lock systems include electronic components, such as the safes typically found in hotel rooms. While many believe that electronic features make locks impossible to break, there are numerous ways that electronic locks can falter.
  • Minor Changes Are Actually Major: Several minor changes in a lock’s components can actually make a big difference, such as specially-shaped top or “driver” pins. Such pins are usually found in European locks rather than American locks.


  • Brute Force is the Usual Culprit: The vast majority of physical security breaks are usually due to sheer brute force, not complex tactics. It doesn’t matter how sophisticated the lock if it’s attached to a weak and poorly constructed door.

Discuss your security needs with the experts at Pick Lock & Key today! Their team is dedicated to the safety of every client; they pride themselves on providing unmatched lock and key services. For more information on their other services, including auto locksmith service and key cutting, call (301) 310-2052 or visit the website.

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