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4 Exciting Games to Play on a Charter Bus Ride May 29, 2019

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4 Exciting Games to Play on a Charter Bus Ride , Taunton, Massachusetts

When you’re traveling, the journey can be as enjoyable as the destination with a charter bus. With comfortable seating and lavatories, these vehicles allow you to sit back and enjoy the ride with your family and friends. Playing games can make the experience even better, particularly on long trips. If you’re looking for game ideas for your upcoming trip, here are a few that can entertain people of different ages.

For Younger Kids 

Go Fish®

This popular card game is usually played with two to five people, but can include up to 10. It’s easy to play and can be educational as well, teaching little ones about pairs, numbers, and patterns.

I Spy

To play I Spy, each person takes turns spotting something they see outside or in the vehicle. Other players guess what it is based on clues. Whoever guesses correctly wins the round.

License Plate Game

The license plate game can also be educational, teaching kids about different regions. It involves looking at the license plates of passing vehicles and trying to find as many from different states and territories as possible. Whoever spots the most locations wins. 

For Teens and Adults

Name That Song 

charter busYou can use a phone, laptop, or portable speakers to play this game. Simply play a few seconds of a song and ask people to guess the artist and title. The person who guesses 10 correctly first wins the round.

Cards Against Humanity®

Cards Against Humanity® is a party game similar to Apples to Apples®.  Each player takes their turn, drawing a card and asking others to complete the statement using the cards in their hand. The person who read the statement aloud picks their favorite answer. 

20 Questions

In this game, one person thinks of an object or person, and the other players ask up to 20 questions to guess what it is. The first person to guess correctly wins. 


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