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5 Common Home Addition Mistakes September 5, 2019

Albert Lea, Freeborn
5 Common Home Addition Mistakes, Albert Lea, Minnesota

When done correctly, a home addition gives you space to spread out and raises the value of your home. When done incorrectly, it can lead to problems and may need further remodeling down the road. As you plan your project, watch out for these common missteps that can derail your addition.

What Not to Do When Building a Home Addition

1. Put Stress on the Foundation

Many people hope to expand their home but preserve the size of their yard by adding a second story. This will only work if the foundation is strong enough for the extra weight. If it’s not, you may need to reinforce it. Otherwise, do not attempt to complete this type of home addition at all.

2. Use Inconsistent Designs

Of course, you want the new rooms to look as up-to-date as possible, but if you use a significantly different construction style from the rest of the house, the contrast can be jarring. Both the interior and exterior styles should match the existing portions — unless you want to remodel everything.

3. Overlook Utilities

A major portion of building a home addition is hooking it up to plumbing and electrical systems and setting it up with heating and AC. If you aren't careful, it will overload existing systems, which weren't designed to support the extra load. You may need to renovate these systems completely.

4. Forget PermitsHome Additions

A building permit isn't just necessary for a new building; it's also needed when you alter an existing one. Ask your contractor who is responsible for pulling the permits and when they're needed.

5. Not Budget

Before you buy a single piece of lumber, create a budget and include a hard upper limit on spending. If you don't have these numbers in front of you from the beginning, it's easy for unplanned expenses to rack up fast.


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