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What to Do When Your Car Runs Out of Gas June 3, 2019

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What to Do When Your Car Runs Out of Gas, Byron, Wisconsin

It can happen to anyone. Whether you think there’s just enough gas left to get you where you’re going or you’re on the highway with no gas station in sight, your car could run out of gas, leaving you to make the call to 24-hour roadside assistance. As a driver, you should be fully aware of the symptoms your car evokes and what to do if it happens. Protect yourself and your car by learning how to prevent the situation from occurring and what to do if it does.  

Signs You’re Running Out of Fuel

One of the most common indicators that can tell you that your car needs to refuel is your gas gauge. As it moves closer to E, your gas light will turn on to inform you that you’re running on reserves. Get to a gas station immediately if this is the case. Your gas reserves might take you another 25 miles, but if you notice your car beginning to sputter, pull over as quickly as possible.

How a Lack of Fuel Damages Your Vehicle

Roadside AssistanceYour fuel pump is responsible for sending gas to your engine. The gas passing through cools and lubricates the fuel pump, but when there is no liquid left, the pump continues to operate, which causes it to overheat. Every time you run out of gas, it causes more damage to the fuel pump.

What to Do If You Run Out of Gas

If your tank has been on E for some time and you realize your car starting to sputter, get off of the road. Having your car die in the middle of heavy traffic and highway can put you at great risk for an accident. Turn on your hazard lights to indicate an issue. In most cases, 24-hour roadside assistance can refuel your car to get it started again. If not, they can provide towing service to a gas station.


Whether you run out of gas or get a flat, Tomah Wrecker & Repair, LLC provides 24-hour roadside assistance. Their technicians can bring fuel, jump-start the battery, or change a tire to get your vehicle back on the road quickly. If the issue has caused additional damage, they can tow you to the auto shop of your choice. They have been serving Tomah, WI, and the surrounding areas for over 50 years. If you need 24-hour roadside assistance, call (608) 372-2550, and visit their website for more information.