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Should I Rekey or Replace My Locks? May 26, 2019

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Should I Rekey or Replace My Locks? , Preston, Connecticut

Locks protect your home and business and sometimes need rekeying or changing to ensure your security. While both are similar, different situations require different solutions and depending on your needs, some solutions are more cost-effective than others.

Choosing the Right Replacement System

What is Rekeying & When Should I Do It?

While not as many people have heard of rekeying, it’s a well-established solution to many security problems. All locks are built with the option to rekey, making it easy for locksmiths to do. When you rekey, the key pin pattern inside the lock is changed, making the old key unable to unlock it.

While the process sounds complicated, a locksmith can finish the task in a few minutes. Many people find this option to be preferable to changing the locks completely since rekeying is usually much cheaper than a full lock replacement. However, you should have a copy of the original matching key for the locksmith to work from. While a locksmith can still rekey without one, it might make the process more expensive than replacing the lock outright.

Rekeying is recommended for new homeowners who aren’t sure who else has copies of their keys, landlords who don’t want previous tenants to have access to their old apartment, businesses with former employees who have key access, or anybody who’s worried their keys have been stolen. Rekeying is also an option for those who want a master key to unlock all their doors, rather than keep a key ring.

When Should I Change My Locks?  

RekeyingMost people change their locks when they’ve lost their keys, moved into a new place, or their homes of been burglarized. While rekeying is the less expensive option, changing your locks is just as effective. You should specifically consider changing your locks when they’ve become too old or outdated. Over time, hardware can wear out or take damage. In some cases, older and damaged locks are no longer able to be rekeyed, making replacement a necessity.

Replacing your older locks also provides an opportunity to upgrade. Advanced and electronic locks like passcode-enabled deadlocks and Kevo™ smart locks are being used in businesses and residences more often now, alongside security systems to provide greater protection over what matters most.


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