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3 Misunderstandings About Wireless Internet Access June 14, 2019

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3 Misunderstandings About Wireless Internet Access, Pine Grove, California

Wi-Fi internet access is common in the workplace, in businesses, and homes. As technology continues to progress, internet providers are supplying hot spot connections in public areas to allow customers to access the internet. However, some myths have arisen that might misguide you when you’re troubleshooting your connection. The guide below outlines a few of the most common Wi-Fi misconceptions.

3 Common Myths About Wireless Internet Access

1. The Issue Is Always the Network

Sometimes, a lagging connection originates with the device you’re using and not the network. To pinpoint this issue, try asking others in your household or workplace if their internet is running slowly. If not, your computer could be slow due to viruses, low RAM, or browser lag. Make sure the applications and browser you’re running are updated, and reboot your computer before you seek other fixes.

2. Only Other Wi-Fi Devices Can Interfere

internet accessIf you notice a spike in internet lag, you may be tempted to blame other devices that are accessing the network. However, the 2.4 gigahertz (GHz) spectrum that carries the wireless signal is also host to some other devices. For example, a running microwave can create drastic lag or a temporary failure to communicate with the router. Older homes that have plaster walls with a metal mesh behind them can also interrupt the signal.

3. More Bandwidth Is the Answer

If you’re dealing with consistently slow wireless access, it may seem simpler to upgrade your internet plan to a higher bandwidth. However, this isn’t the ideal solution. Sometimes, the issue is that another device on the network is hogging data, or it may be a coaxial cable that is loosely fitted or damaged. Check how your bandwidth is being distributed and the condition of your equipment before you upgrade.



For reliable internet access for your business or home in Pine Grove, CA, you can count on Volcano Communications Group. First founded as a telephone provider in 1903, their services have expanded to include cable TV and high-speed internet. To learn more about their history and values, visit their website, and call (209) 296-7502 to discuss your connectivity needs.

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