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3 Reasons You Should Use a Propane-Powered Fireplace May 30, 2019

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3 Reasons You Should Use a Propane-Powered Fireplace, Connersville, Indiana

When you want to heat your home for the winter and enjoy a pleasant ambiance at the same time, a fireplace is the natural choice. Using one that’s powered by propane gas—as opposed to electricity or wood—offers you a multitude of benefits that others can’t. Here are a few reasons you’ll be proud you chose a fireplace with propane fuel.

What Are the Benefits of a Fireplace Fueled by Propane Gas?

1. Environmentally Conscious

While wood is a natural resource, fireplaces rely on the burning of firewood for heat, which emits toxic substances into your home and the environment as it burns and requires the destruction of life-giving trees. Propane gas occurs as a natural byproduct of petroleum and natural gas processing, which has less impact on the environment, and burning it releases far fewer toxins into the air. Even electric fireplaces can be traced to harmful sources, as most electricity is created with burning coal or nuclear power.

2. Cleaner for Your Home

propane gasIf you’ve been using woodburning fireplaces, you know how much of a hassle they can be. Soot, smoke, and ashes can cloud your home, causing adverse health effects, such as heart disease and asthma, and coating your belongings. Woodburning fireplaces also require a chimney, which will need regular maintenance, frequent cleanings, and periodic repairs to stay in a condition that’s safe for use. Propane fireplaces require little maintenance other than a light cleaning and refills from a propane supplier, and they don’t cause lingering odor or ashy film in your home.

3. Efficient Heating

The cost of propane tends to be less than the cost of operating an electric fireplace, and other fuel sources experience frequent price hikes during the winter that make them more costly than propane gas. Beyond that, propane fires put out more heat and can keep larger spaces comfortably warm in comparison to woodburning or electric options.


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