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How Do Laser & Traditional Gum Surgery Differ? September 4, 2019

Gates, Monroe
How Do Laser & Traditional Gum Surgery Differ?, Gates, New York

Gum disease is a prevalent oral health issue that family dentists treat regularly. In fact, over 64 million of Americans have some form of gum disease. As such, understanding periodontics and your treatment options to combat the problem and reduce the likelihood of tooth loss and jawbone degradation is imperative. Below is some insight on laser and traditional gum surgery so you know what periodontic treatment is right for you. 

Understanding the Difference Between Laser & Traditional Gum Surgery

Traditional Gum Surgery

PeriodonticsGum surgery is a necessary practice when periodontal disease has led to gum recession and deep pockets have formed between the gum line and teeth. With traditional surgery, a dentist trained in periodontics will use a scalpel to create better visibility of the pockets formed around teeth. Next, the gums will be cut down and sutured to minimize the size of pockets and prevent bone and tooth loss. After the gum line is altered, bone grafting may be necessary to maintain a bond between gums and teeth. Due to the nature of cutting and suturing the gums, recovery time can be long and post-surgery discomfort may require prescription pain medication. 

Laser Gum Surgery

Laser gum surgery, or LANAP®, is an advanced, FDA-approved method for treating gum disease. Unlike traditional surgery, laser gum surgery is minimally invasive and won’t require cutting or sewing of your gums. Instead, the laser can identify and remove diseased tissue, leaving only healthy tissue in place. This process kills unwanted bacteria and allows new attachments to form between the teeth and gum tissue to reduce deep pockets. This form of surgery is celebrated, as it is less painful and the recovery time is much shorter—most patients only experience little discomfort or sensitivity for about 24 hours.



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