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3 Most Popular Cheeses to Order on Burgers June 6, 2019

Honolulu, Honolulu
3 Most Popular Cheeses to Order on Burgers, Honolulu, Hawaii

When it comes to ordering the perfect burger, choosing the right toppings is key. Other than the patty and buns themselves, cheese is a fundamental element of the classic cheeseburger. Here are the three best cheeses to order on your burger.

Top 3 Cheeses to Complete Your Burger

1. American

With mild, salty flavors, American cheese tastes especially good on a classic burger. Melted over a patty and paired with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, and your sauces or dressings of choice, American cheese gives diners a nostalgic taste of their favorite childhood meal.

2. Swiss

burgersKnown for having the perfect consistency for fondue, Swiss cheese is ideal for melting over a variety of dishes, including burgers. Gooey Swiss has an irresistibly creamy texture and mild, pleasant taste. Its lightly buttery and nutty flavors balance salty smoked bacon and earthy roasted portobello mushrooms. For this reason, mushroom and Swiss burgers are a hot item at any restaurant that serves American food.

3. Cheddar

Perhaps the most popular choice for burgers, cheddar has a delightfully sharp and salty flavor. This bold taste complements equally flavorful favorites like bacon, ranch dressing, and ketchup. Many restaurants even combine cheddar with Swiss to give diners the best of both worlds. Mild cheddar will melt the fastest, while sharp, aged cheddar gives the boldest flavors. Try it with applewood smoked bacon, crispy onion rings, and barbecue sauce for a tantalizingly smoky meal.


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