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5 Common Swimming Pool Issues May 28, 2019

Mebane, Alamance
5 Common Swimming Pool Issues, Mebane, North Carolina

Whether you are opening your swimming pool for the first time since you moved into your home or are new to maintaining this recreational feature for any other reason, there are several problems you may encounter. Swimming pool pumps and other equipment can malfunction — among other issues — resulting in dirty water. Keep your pool in pristine condition by learning about some of the most common problems affecting these features so you can make adjustments or schedule professional services as needed.

5 Common Issues Affecting Swimming Pools

1. Leaking Swimming Pool Pump

Swimming pool pumps leak for several reasons, such as disintegrating shaft seals or thread sealant. O-ring and impeller issues also cause swimming pool pump leaks. While pump kits provide adhesives for faulty o-rings and sealants, larger problems such as a broken impeller require professional servicing.

2. Algae-Heavy Water

swimming pool pumpWhen pool chemicals are unbalanced, they provide the perfect conditions for algae growth. Slimy algae grow on pool steps, walls, and floors when chlorine levels are low or maintenance has been lacking, creating unsafe swimming conditions. In addition to manually removing algae with a pool brush, shock your pool with more chlorine to keep the organisms from coming back.

3. Malfunctioning Pump Motor

If your swimming pool pump turns on but quickly loses power, it could be overheated. Checking the part’s fan for blockages can solve the problem, as can running the pump at night to avoid peak sun. If the pump refuses to work at all, it likely has an electrical issue that needs professional help.

4. Excessive Pump Noise

When a swimming pool pump makes a screeching noise, the bearings mounted to the part’s motor shaft have probably worn out and need replacing. The pump could also be vibrating in place if it sounds like rocks are clanging around inside it and will benefit from a rubber pad between it and the ground. Humming noises usually indicate a clogged impeller that will eventually cause the part to cease working.

5. Strong Chlorine Odor

While too little chlorine forms algae, it can also create chemical reactions that irritate the eyes, throat, and skin. Chlorine disinfects waterborne germs upon contact, releasing hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite ion chemicals as a result. Known as “free chlorine,” these chemicals react with sweat, urine, and skin oils to produce skin and eye-irritating chloramines unless the pool’s chemical balance is meticulously maintained.


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