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How to Support a Grieving Friend May 31, 2019

Grandview, Hamilton
How to Support a Grieving Friend, Grandview, Ohio

Losing a loved one is a difficult experience for anyone. When this happens, it’s important for those who are grieving to receive support from friends and family. If you have a friend who is going through the grieving process right now, whether they’re still in the midst of funeral services or feeling pain weeks later, here are some ways you can show your support.

5 Tips for Supporting a Friend After a Loss

1. Just Be There

The best thing you can do for anyone experiencing grief is just to show up. Be at the funeral services, come to their home, call them on the phone. Let them know you’re available if they need anything or if they just want to talk.

2. Acknowledge Their Feelings

It’s common for people to try to provide comfort by playing down the effects of a loss or trying to look on the bright side, but this isn’t usually helpful for those in grief. Instead, allow your friend to express their feelings fully and let them know it’s normal to be upset. If you don’t know what to say, a simple “I’m sorry” is usually acceptable.

3. Make Things Easy on Them

funeral servicesInstead of the usual, “let me know if you need anything,” be proactive in helping your friend with the practical stuff. Come over with dinner one night, stop by and clean the house, or tell them you’ll watch their kids one night so they can have some time alone. Don’t wait for them to ask because they usually won’t.

4. Talk About Their Loved One

People tend to try and avoid talking about the deceased for fear of reminding loved ones of their loss. However, someone in grief is already thinking about them, so it’s fine to share happy memories of the person and commiserate a bit. If you didn’t know them well, try asking some simple questions, but be careful not to pry if your friend seems like they don’t want to talk about it.

5. Keep Showing Up

Grief doesn’t end once the funeral services are over. Don’t just stop acknowledging their loss or showing them support because a few weeks have passed. Keep checking in and showing up, especially on significant dates like birthdays and anniversaries.


If you’re looking to plan funeral services for a loved one, or point a friend in the right direction after a loss, turn to Dennis George Funeral Home in Cleves, OH. The recently renovated funeral home provides a gorgeous setting for honoring your loved one, and the team of caring funeral directors can help you create completely personalized funeral arrangements. The family-oriented business is available 24 hours a day, offering grief support tools and resources to help families through a very difficult time. To speak with a funeral director, contact the team online or call (513) 941-6700.

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