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The Top 3 Reasons Your Business Should Work with a Reputable ISP May 20, 2019

New York, New York
The Top 3 Reasons Your Business Should Work with a Reputable ISP, New York, New York

When you run a business, you depend on your ability to communicate with customers. To do that effectively, you must have a trustworthy, reliable Internet service provider (ISP). Patchy service, sudden shutdowns, and long delays before repairs are completed are simply unacceptable. Below are some of the key reasons your business needs to work with a reputable ISP.

3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Reliable Internet Service Provider

1. Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the maximum rate of data transfer your Internet service provider offers along a given pathway. It is a measure of bits per second that you can upload or download from the Internet, so it governs how quickly web pages load and how quickly customers can access your site and other digital information. Nearly half of all users expect a web page to load within two seconds and 40% will leave if it does not load within three seconds. Thus, bandwidth is essential if you wish to maintain your audience.

2. Security

Internet Service ProviderYour Internet service provider must provide data center security that keeps you and your visitors safe from spyware, malware, or even unwanted intrusion. You should expect them to perform background checks on their employees and regular security audits on their own systems. While larger companies often have stronger security measures, smaller providers often provide closer, more meticulous service for their individual clients.

3. Support

Since web traffic—and therefore business—operates 24 hours per day, you should expect your Internet service provider to offer 24/7 technical support if something should go wrong. They should have staff members available at all hours to walk clients through troubleshooting scenarios. Moreover, they should respond promptly to any reported outages and return service to optimal as quickly as possible.


For fast service, secure communications, and 24/7 tech support, contact Challenger Broadband, a respected Internet Service Provider in New York, NY. They serve business owners, hotels, and event planners throughout New York City, also specializing in VoIP, fixed wireless, and disaster recovery. Visit their website to message them online or call (646) 723-9999 to schedule a consultation.  

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