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How Much of a Difference Does Early Childhood Education Make? May 28, 2019

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How Much of a Difference Does Early Childhood Education Make?, San Marcos, Texas

It’s natural for a parent to wonder what their child will remember of their early years. While it’s true that some of their memories will fade, they will only continue to build on their early education as they grow. Therefore, what school they start off at can have a large effect on where they go in the future. 

3 Long-Lasting Effects of Early Childhood Education

1. Cognitive Thinking Skills

According to the National Education Association, a recent study has shown that children who spent time in high-quality education programs tested higher in cognitive tests all the way up to 21 years old. It also gives them an edge on math and reading skills. Parents who consider private school for their kids often do so to give their kids this kind of edge, as they tend to have smaller classroom sizes, which means more specialized attention from teachers, as well as greater resources.

2. Emotional & Social Growth

educationIn addition to academics, children gain social skills at an early age in a classroom setting. By interacting with children their own age, they learn to communicate, empathize, and cooperate. In turn, this will impact their future ability to maintain healthy relationships, solve problems, and receive help. They learn early on about self-regulating, which helps them to better express themselves. In doing so, they will be able to practice socially acceptable behavior in the face of stressful situations as they get older. 

3. Physical Health

The CDC has also found a link between those who attend early education programs and long-term health benefits, as they are less likely to suffer from future adult diseases and disabilities. While the exact cause is not known, it is likely linked to increased physical activity and access to healthful meals, which help them from being under or overweight.


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