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5 Reasons to Insure Your Boat May 27, 2019

Foley, Baldwin
5 Reasons to Insure Your Boat, Foley, Alabama

Whether you like to fish or enjoy cruising the Gulf Shores, going out on a boat is usually a relaxing experience. Unfortunately, accidents can happen. In 2017, the US Coast Guard reported 4,291 boating accidents across the country, resulting in about $46 million in property damage. If you want to avoid the high costs—and losses—that are associated with these incidents, properly insuring your vessel is a wise move. To help illustrate the importance of this protection, here are five ways boat insurance can give you peace of mind.

5 Benefits of Boat Insurance

1. Covers Repairs & Replacement

As unique vehicles, boats aren’t always the cheapest crafts to repair. If you encounter an accident, you could end up paying thousands to get your vessel back in operable condition. Insurance will cover this property damage up to a certain amount—and may even cover the cost of replacing the entire craft if it’s unsalvageable.

2. Pays for Injuries

boat insuranceBoating accidents don’t just damage property—they can also cause serious injury to those involved. According to the aforementioned US Coast Guard report, these incidents caused over 650 deaths and 2,600 injuries. If you’re responsible for an accident that causes harm, you may be responsible for medical and personal injury costs. With boat insurance, however, you can be covered up to a specific amount.

3. Provides Liability Coverage

While the open waters may seem free of obstacles, there’s always a chance your boat may have a collision with another vessel or piece of property—such as a dock. Insurance policies are designed to help pay for repairs so you don’t have to lose your own funds to restore the property damage you’re liable for.

4. Protects Against Uninsured Individuals

If you’re involved in a boating accident that isn’t your fault, there’s no guarantee the other party is properly insured. Without uninsured boater coverage, you may be responsible for covering your own vessel repair and medical costs. If you have this protection, however, your policy will provide the financial assistance you need.

5. Assists in Emergencies  

Similar to auto insurance policies with roadside assistance coverage, many boat insurance plans offer resources to help in emergencies. For instance, if you run into problems on the water, your coverage will enable you to enlist a professional to provide you with extra fuel, minor repairs, or towing so that you won’t be stranded.


When you want to boat with confidence, Southern Insurance AL, LLC can equip you with a reliable and affordable policy. Providing customized assistance for every client, this friendly Foley, AL, agency will help develop a boat insurance policy that fits your specific concerns and risks. In addition to comprehensive boat coverage, the team can also protect all your other vehicles with exceptional auto, motorcycle, ATV, or RV insurance. Visit this insurer online to learn more about these solutions or call (251) 943-3340 to request a quote.  

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