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A Guide to Liability in Commercial Truck Accidents May 24, 2019

Cincinnati, Hamilton
A Guide to Liability in Commercial Truck Accidents, Cincinnati, Ohio

Commercial trucks use public streets and highways every day to transport products all over the country. While this is an important part of the economy, sharing the road with these large vehicles poses a significant risk to other motorists. Due to their sheer weight and size, when a truck accident occurs, the resulting injuries and property damage can be tremendous. If you have been hurt in a big rig crash, you may pursue compensation; however, liability must first be established. This can be challenging, as there might be multiple parties at fault. Here are a few examples of who might be named in a claim.

Who Can Be Held Responsible for a Truck Accident?

1. Truck Driver 

Driver error and negligence commonly lead to commercial truck accidents. This includes behaviors such as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, distracted driving, drowsy driving, and failing to obey traffic laws. Truck drivers are also required to comply with federal trucking regulations, which limit the number of hours a commercial vehicle can be operated during one shift. 

2. Trucking Company 

truck accidentTrucking companies have a duty to hire qualified drivers and make sure their vehicles have been properly inspected and maintained. Therefore, they can be found financially responsible for a victim’s injuries if an investigation reveals that the driver didn’t receive adequate training or had a questionable driving record at the time of hire. This is also the case if the truck’s maintenance records are not up to date with legal requirements.

3. Cargo Loader 

The company that loaded cargo onto the vehicle is obligated to safely secure the contents on or inside the truck, so they don’t create a dangerous situation. The cargo loader may share liability if the load falls off of the big rig or causes it to tip over, resulting in a collision.

4. Manufacturer

If the truck or any of its parts were defective, the corresponding manufacturer can also be held accountable for a truck accident. They have a legal responsibility to ensure the equipment they place on the market is safe for consumer use. As such, should a tire blowout, faulty hitch, brake failure, or steering system failure contribute to a crash, the manufacturer may become part of a personal injury claim.


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