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3 Tips for Teaching Kids Gun Safety May 31, 2019

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3 Tips for Teaching Kids Gun Safety, Columbia, Illinois

Handling firearms at any age requires skill and understanding. It’s crucial to take every precaution, however, if you own a gun and have children at home. Practicing basic gun safety could prevent a serious accident and save a life. Here are a few suggestions you should know.

How to Teach Your Kids Gun Safety

1. Have a Discussion

Discussing gun safety with your children is key to helping them understand why firearms can be dangerous. Explain that there are significant differences between the weapons they see on television and in video games and those that exist in the real world. Let them know that the “fake” weapons don’t do any genuine damage, but that actual guns have the potential to hurt people badly. You can use very general language with young children if they ask questions; as they grow older, it’s safe to be more detailed in explaining to them why it’s important for them to avoid handling guns in unsafe conditions.

2. Establish Firm Rules

gunBe very clear about your rules and regulations at home regarding gun handling. If your kids know that you own a weapon, establish some firm guidelines. Tell them in no uncertain terms that they are not allowed to reach for or touch the gun. If they express an interest in learning how to shoot, make sure that they know they can only touch the weapon in an environment conducive to learning, such as a shooting range.

3. Develop a Routine

If your child does find a gun inside the house, or anywhere that they happen to be, then it’s crucial that they understand how to react. Teach them that their first inclination should not be to reach for the weapon. Instead, they should stop what they’re doing, avoid touching the gun, and leave the vicinity to tell an adult about their discovery. This plan closely follows the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program devised by the National Rifle Association (NRA) to help children from pre-kindergarten through third grade understand how to behave if they find a firearm.


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