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3 Tips for Helping a Senior Parent Prepare for a Doctor's Appointment May 27, 2019

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
3 Tips for Helping a Senior Parent Prepare for a Doctor's Appointment, Brooklyn, New York

As your parents age, it’s likely that they will develop some health issues that require frequent doctor’s appointments. Depending on their age and health, they may need assistance with transportation and other aspects of managing their appointments. Here are a few tips for helping your senior parent prepare for doctor appointments.

How to Help Seniors Get Ready for a Doctor’s Appointment

1. Get Organized

Having all of your parent’s health information organized will make the appointment go smoother, especially if they’re seeing a particular doctor for the first time. Gather your parent’s medications and health history information for them to take to the appointment, and make sure they have their insurance card and any other necessary forms of identification. If the doctor needs to discuss recent tests or scans, call to ask if they have copies of the results, and if not, track those down before the day of the appointment.

2. Make a List

Most doctor’s appointments only last about 15 or 20 minutes, so it’s important for your parent to stay focused on the reason for their visit. Help your parent make a list of the most important health concerns they want to discuss with the doctor, as well as questions they want to ask. If your parent is seeing the doctor to get a diagnosis for a specific problem, have them list their symptoms so the doctor knows what to prioritize.

3. Schedule Transportation

Brooklyn transportationIdeally, it’s a good idea for you to drive your parent to their appointment, but that may not be realistic if you have other obligations during the day. If you can’t take your parent to the doctor’s office yourself, arrange for them to get a ride from a dependable friend, relative, or car service. Research local non-emergency medical transportation options, and keep those phone numbers handy in case you need to arrange a ride for your parent on short notice.


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