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How WPG Consulting Provided IT Services for a Major Health Care Corporation May 24, 2019

New York, New York
How WPG Consulting Provided IT Services for a Major Health Care Corporation, New York, New York

When a major health care corporation turned to WPG Consulting for IT services, they were up for the challenge. A seasoned managed service provider, they knew they could create a custom infrastructure that would be able to support the client’s multiple hospitals and clinics. And that’s exactly what they did. Here’s how this IT consulting firm designed and implemented innovative IT solutions for a major health care corporation. 

How WPG Consulting Built a Scalable Datacenter That Could Handle Multiple Health Care Facilities 

Addressing Current Needs

When the client approached WPG, they were looking to build a robust, highly available system that could support the demands of their facilities. WPG responded by evaluating their current datacenter and identifying its existing weaknesses. This provided a starting point for drafting the blueprints of the new system. 

Anticipating Future Needs

IT servicesThe engineers at WPG knew devising a system that met the client’s current needs wouldn’t be sufficient. They had to implement solutions that would be able to handle each facility’s needs for years to come. To devise such solutions, they reviewed past trends and talked to industry experts about future growth. 

Implementing a Plan of Action

Through their research, WPG determined the corporation needed the following IT services, which they included in the system they finally implemented:

  • Active/Active Geographically dispersed data centers to support dual hub and spoke topology.
  • Dual carrier 40 Gig WAN back-bone supporting L3 and L2 connectivity between the data centers.
  • Cisco ASR 9K, 1K, Cisco 7600 for active/active application load-balancing and storage replication.
  • Highly scalable data center core, distribution, and server-farm infrastructure using Cisco Nexus 7k, 5k, 2k & F5 (LTM/GTM) load-balancing, leveraging advanced features VDC, vPC, OTV, FCoE, etc.
  • Out-of-Band management network using Cisco Nexus 7k and Cisco 3900 terminal servers.
  • High-performance storage infrastructure using Cisco MDS 9500, 9200, 9100, and Nexus 7K supporting EMC VMAX, NetApp, and Hitachi Storage needs, SRDF & VPLEX-Metro based storage replication/virtualization, etc.
  • High-performance unified computing stack using Cisco UCS, VMware vSphere 5.x, Nexus 1000V.
  • Wireless Solutions using WLSC, Clean-air AP managed through NCS and secured by ISE (NAC/ACS), MS.

Whether your organization needs help with all of the above or just a few specific components, you can rely on WPG Consulting. Based in New York City, this firm has dedicated engineers on staff who are ready to evaluate your system and implement improvements. And once your new data center is up and running, you’ll be able to take advantage of totally automated, self-service solutions. To request a quote for IT services, call (646) 868-9800 or reach out on their website.

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