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5 Benefits of Eating Organic Food May 29, 2019

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5 Benefits of Eating Organic Food, Branson, Missouri

Organic has been at the forefront of the food industry for a few years, with many people choosing organic products to improve overall health and wellness. Organic food is grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, growth hormones, and genetically modified techniques. Below are five reasons to choose this route today.

Why Should You Eat Organic Products?  

1. Increased Antioxidants

Because there are no added chemicals during the growing process, vitamins and minerals are retained more efficiently in organic food and important nutrients such as antioxidants are boosted. With more present, those who eat organic are getting a strong nutritional punch that also protects important functions such as vision and brain processes.

2. Less Antibiotic Resistance

Non-organic products often contain added antibiotics. Eating these foods increases exposure to them, which means your body will build up a resistance to their efficacy. This can be a problem when you get sick from bacteria and need antibiotics to fight the infection. Choosing organic products eliminates extra exposure to antibiotics and helps your immune system when illness strikes.

3. No Pesticide Exposure

organic foodWhile pesticides protect crops from infestations, these chemicals can have a harmful effect on people. Some pesticides can cause developmental issues in children. These chemicals aren’t used to grow organic foods, removing unnatural and harmful substances from your diet.

4. Good Fats

Two areas where good fats are naturally occurring are meat and milk. Organic versions show an increase in omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for good health and brain power. Because organic farming includes grass-fed diets, access to fresh air, and better living conditions, animals that produce these products are in top health, which means consumers are receiving better ingredients for their diets.

5. Environmental Protection

Harmful chemicals in crops not only cause issues for humans, but they also seep into soil and water during the growing process, which causes pollution. It can also affect nearby ecosystems and cause them unnecessary harm. Organic farming protects the environment and ensures there is a safer planet for future generations.


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