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How Do I Become a Pediatric Nurse? August 7, 2019

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How Do I Become a Pediatric Nurse?, Suffern, New York

The career of a pediatric nurse is an honorable one. They provide support to vulnerable children when it’s needed most. Whether practicing in a hospital or an at-home capacity, their empathy, and expertise can improve the health and lives of the children in their care, making it one of the most emotionally rewarding professions out there.

The Education and Duties of Pediatric Nurses

What Education and Experience Do I Need?

Pediatric nurses are registered nurses (RNs) who have obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. RNs with an Associate Degree can enter RN-to-BSN programs if they want to become pediatric nurses. While in school, students might choose a specialty area of pediatrics such as cardiology, neonatology, or oncology.

After earning their degree, nurses must pass the NCLEX-RN exam, which measures their ability to perform the job’s functions. Nurses must also complete 1,800 hours of on-the-job experience in pediatric nursing within two years to become certified in the field. While many pediatric nurses work in hospitals and clinics, there is high demand for them in numerous out-patient facilities, like schools, community centers, and in homes.

What Are My Duties?pediatric nurse

According to the NCLEX-RN exam, pediatric nurses must provide a safe environment for their patients, evaluate and maintain their health, and preserve physiological integrity. They serve as the child’s primary advocate by determining and anticipating their needs, identifying changes in their state, and assist in managing their symptoms by administering medication.

Working with families, pediatric nurses develop plans to determine the kind of care the child might need as they get older.

With medical techniques and technology constantly evolving, pediatric nurses stay updated on the latest advances and often take special training classes to ensure their patients receive the best quality care available.

How Can I Advance My Career?

With a master’s or doctoral degree, pediatric nurses can become practitioners, who will have to choose between certifying in acute or primary care. Depending on their certification, a practitioner’s duties include conducting physical exams, diagnosing conditions, interpreting lab results, and prescribing medications and immunizations. They can also be designated as a patient’s primary care provider.



For nearly 35 years, the pediatric nurses of J&D Ultracare have provided compassionate and dedicated at-home and school care to children in the Hudson Valley and Bronx areas of New York, throughout Westchester, Monroe, White Plains, and Orange County. Our nurses are provided with comprehensive medical coverage, a 401(k), and a competitive salary. We also offer flexible schedules, and continuing education and training options. If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to us at (845) 357-4500. For current job opportunities, visit our website.